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Book arrival and the BBC

Author copies of my book have arrived!


The copies arrived just before my writing group had its monthly meeting which was utterly appropriate. We drank many toasts to it.

Fortunately I wasn’t hung over for my appearance at the BBC today, and the series of interviews with local radio stations – 14 different stations in the end! – went very well. It’s not often that someone from the BBC ushers you into a room and says ‘this is your studio for the next 2 and a half hours’ then leaves you to get on with it.

New Broadcasting House has a Dalek in its entry hall, with a sign on it saying ‘touch me and you will be exterminated’. Sadly I didn’t manage to take a picture – perhaps it would have exterminated me if I had tried…

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(Local) Radio Star

Meanwhile, I have a trip to the BBC on Wednesday to be interviewed by a series of local radio stations on the links between science fiction and technology development. The interviews are in inspired by the BFI’s science fiction season Days of Fear and Wonder. The interviews start at 10am and go on to midday, and during this period different local stations can book for for 5 or so minutes. So far the list of stations I’ll be on includes:


Others may have joined in since I got this list.

So, if you listen to BBC local radio you have been warned. Hopefully these interviews will be more wonder than fear!


More Publication News

I’m told that the Jan/Feb issue of Analog has started reaching subscribers. This includes my story Long Way Gone. Combine that with the release of Infrared Astronomy: Seeing the Heat and this has been a pretty good week in publishing, especially when I also got referee’s comments back on a scientific paper, and submitted a new paper as well.

I guess sometimes things just all come along at once.

Analog can be found here (though the web page isn’t advertising the new issue yet).

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Infrared Astronomy: Seeing the Heat – publication day!

The book is out, at least in the US.

Sadly I’m in the UK which means I have yet to see a copy, but I’m sure it looks great!

You can buy the book here and get a 20% saving:


or you can click on the book’s cover page to the right and get to the same place.

The book has an associated webpage attached to this blog, so have a look there for additional material and the occasional update – one of which I must write soon on some spectacular new images from ALMA.

And let me know what you think of the book when you read it!


I’m an FT TV star!

Got n interesting email yesterday from the Science Media Centre – an organisation that makes sure the media have access to experts when science-related news happens. They were looking for someone to be interviewed on the Financial Times TV service about the future of space tourism in the aftermath of the loss of Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship 2. I’m on their list as a ‘space person’ and have actually been talking to people connected to space tourism and cheap access to space for at least the last twenty years so I volunteered.

Very rapidly I got a call from Clive Cookson, the FT’s science editor, and a car was arranged to whisk me off to the FT TV studios for my five minute chat.

It all went very well and the final result is available here:


One thing I’m learning when it comes to media exposure – you have to jump quickly or they get someone else!

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Countdown to publication

Latest news from my publishers is that Infrared Astronomy: Seeing Heat will be published on 20th November.

There will be a few things organised around that on Twitter – you may get a chance to win a free copy! – so keep watch on my twitter account, @davecl42, as well as on here.

And, in other news I should be appearing on Financial Times TV sometime over the next day, being interviewed about space tourism.


Infrared Astronomy Linkfest!

As the publication date for my Infrared Astronomy book gets ever closer (I am told it was sent to the printers this week) I’ve made some major updates to the webpage accompanying the book, which can be found here.

And if you have any links relevant to infrared astronomy that you think should be added, please list them in the replies to this post. Thanks!


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