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Lost in time

I’m on my way to Hawaii to observe at the JCMT on Mauna Kea. Thanks to overly close connection times, a delayed departure from Schiphol, and long slow lines at US immigration in Newark, I missed my connections yesterday. I’ve ended up with an unexpected night in LA and will arrive in Hilo a day late, but still in time for the observing.

I don’t know if it’s the disrupted travel schedule, but I now feel completely detached from time, not sure what day it is, what time it is or when I’m meant to be where. At least I get to be a bit stationary once I get to Hale Pohaku.

Joining a conference and an observing trip back to back is probably a step too far, but was unavoidable this time.

Fingers crossed for good data!

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Jetlag with added viruses

This weekend is cancelled. The usual double-overnight return trip from Hawaii has left me with serious brain fog, and I have the added bonus of a cold that started to develop almost as soon as I reached Heathrow. Hopefully I will not lose my voice in time for a meeting and two telecons on Monday.

The rest, as they say, is silence.