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Is there life on Venus?

Today is the day after our big announcement. I’ve known about this result for over 2 years and it’s great to finally be able to talk about it!

So what have we found? To quote from my own post on twitter:

We found the gas phosphine in the upper atmosphere. There is no known way this can be produced by normal chemical processes by lightening, volcanoes or asteroid impact in Venus. Life can & does produce it on Earth. So we have found evidence for unusual chemistry or maybe life.

So it isn’t definitely life, but it is surely something odd and unexpected.

Yesterday itself was a bit of a media whirl and today is shaping up the same way. I’ll be trying to blog more than usual (ie. blogging at all given recent performance!).

You can see more of what’s happening on Sky at Night (on the BBC iPlayer and repeated at 7:30pm on Thursday I think) and I’m sure there’s coverage on your local media of choice, be that newspaper, TV, radio or internet.

More news, as they say, when it happens.

Now I have an interview to do for the BBC World Service…