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A Visit to Italy

I’ve spent the last few days in Trieste, giving a talk, and talking to colleagues, at SISSA. It’s an impressive institution, packed with young enthusiastic scientists working on a huge range of fields form neuroscience to cosmology. The location is also impressive, as are the views from my hosts office.


It turns out that this is a new site for SISSA. It moved about two years ago into what was once a psychiatric hospital. Apparently the idea of siting the hospital above the city was that views like this would help the patients. I don’t know if that worked, but the views of the thunder storm that dropped a lot of rain on Trieste over the past few days were certainly impressive. My talk, ‘Herschel, Planck and the high Redshift Universe’ also seemed to go down well, and there was much discussion about the implications of some of the results.

All in all a very good trip, though my trip back went a little less well. But that’s the subject of another post.