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Two items of interest today:

Firstly, I’m pleased to announce that Analog has just bought my most recent short story, titled Sailers of the Second Sun. No word on publication date at this stage, but i will let you know here when it is out.

Secondly, I’ve had a paper discussing the Fermi Paradox and life in the Solar System accepted for publication in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society. The paper is based on something I presented (in absentia) at a BIS discussion meeting last year. You can find the paper here: https://arxiv.org/abs/1811.06313

I thought little of this until I got the College’s Press Briefing today, where I found out that the Daily Express has picked up the paper:

“Aliens to be discovered in two decades top British scientist claims” Daily Express – “A new report from a British expert says it is a ‘realistic’ possibility that aliens will be found in under two decades. Not only could aliens be found, but they will be ‘intelligent, interstellar travelling and colonising life.’ according to the study. The research paper from Dr David L Clements [Natural Sciences], of the Imperial College London, states that the ‘necessities of life’ – such as water – are so ‘common in the Solar System’ that it ‘may be filled with life.'”

I like the ‘top British scientist’ bit!

The full report is available here:


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One thought on “Publication and other news

  1. We love the Express, always good for a laugh! Sorry I missed your name – must have been tail end of the week? Usually it’s the latest cure for cancer/dementia so some alien life makes a nice change.

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