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Parliamentary Standards: How to Complain

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If you find an MP’s behaviour or language unacceptable you can do more than just moan about it. You can complain to Kathryn Stone OBE, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards standardscommissioner@parliament.uk

I just did:

I wish to complain about Theresa May MP’s language in a recent speech where she described EU citizens as ‘jumping the queue’.

EU citizens exercising their right under EU treaties to live and work in the UK are no more jumping the queue than those UK citizens, like myself, who have used those same treaties to live and work in EU countries.

Use of emotive language like this is an appeal to racism and xenophobia, something of which there is already far too much in the UK. Mrs May’s speech may well inspire further racist attacks, and it certainly does not enhance the standing of EU citizens who live, work, make and care for families in the UK.

These shameful dog whistle statements to the basest parts of the UK psyche must stop.



Maybe you’d like to as well.

I’ll let you know what sort of reply I get.

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Astronomy, science, science fiction

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