Disturbing the Universe

David L Clements, science and science fiction

Science for Fiction 2017

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For the benefit of those attending, and to make those of you not coming along jealous, here is the draft timetable for this year’s event.

See some of you there soon!

Wednesday 5th July

2pm Arrive, meet and greet

2:15 The Square Kilometre Array and the Epoch of Reionization: Emma Chapman

3:15 Tea

3:45 Titan and Cassini: Ingo Mueller-Wodarg

4:45 Discussion

5:15 Pub then dinner

Thursday 6th July

10:15 Gather

10:30 Ending the Universe: Arttu Rajante

11:30 Coffee

12:00 Visiting Mars – Sanjeev Gupta

12:30 Mars VR Demonstration & discussion

1:15 Lunch

2:30 Extremophiles and Synthetic Biology: Robert Weinzierl

3:30 Tea

4:00 Forming Stars & Planets: Tom Haworth

5:00 Discussion

6:00 The One Tun London pub meet (optional)


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

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