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A Year in Words

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2016 has been a pretty miserable year on many counts, but there were some notable highlights for me personally on the writing front:

Three publications:

An Industrial Growth in the Jan/Feb 2016 Analog

Ashlines in the NESFA Press anthology Conspiracy!

Disturbed Universes, a collection of my short stories published by NewCon Press

Disturbed Universes includes An Industrial Growth, in case you missed the Analog issue where it was published. Click the links above if you want to buy copies!

I also got some good reviews:

‘a good read’ from Tangent Online and ‘action and a great deal of tension’ from Locus for An Industrial Growth

Conspiracy! was described as ‘a fine collection of truthy literature’ by Amazing Stories.

8/10 from Starburst for Disturbed Universes, and a ‘consistently entertaining… highly recommended’ from the BSFA’s Vector.

In other news I was a Guest of Honour at the 2016 British National SF Convention, which is where Disturbed Universes was launched. This was great fun, if rather exhausting in retrospect.

For 2017 I already have one publication in the pipeline, a story in the excellent new Scottish SF magazine Shoreline of Infinity. This should be out in time for the 2017 Eastern, and I will be doing a reading there. More news as we have it!


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Astronomy, science, science fiction

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