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Migration: Time to tear up Leave’s last card


Brexit claims on immigration gyration do not stack up at all when you look at the figures

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

Nigel Farage told the TV debate audience on Tuesday that, under his proposed immigration points system, more black people would be allowed into Britain. The following morning, when grilled by Piers Morgan, he said:

What I would like is us to return to post-war normality. For about 60 years, we had net migration into Britain between 30,000 and 50,000 people a year.

Now there could be a bit of a problem with this. It depends on how you define black but I’m guessing most of the people from sub-Saharan Africa would fall into that category. Last year, net migration from that region was 21,000. Allow for people coming from the Carribean and you’d already be around half way to Nigel’s target. If he’s said that more black people are going to come in, that doesn’t leave much room for anyone else.

Meanwhile Priti Patel has been promising Asian voters that, after…

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2 thoughts on “Migration: Time to tear up Leave’s last card

  1. What Farage needs in order to achieve his target is for many more people to emigrate from the UK — it’s a target for _net_ migration, after all. That’s why net immigration was low when the UK was doing less well economically. And of course he’s likely to get his wish, as lots of people flee the poor and insular place that he wants the UK to become.

  2. Indeed… The choice will be to stay and fight against the xenophobic isolationists or head to a country that doesn’t want to leap into a time machine back to the 1950s. It’s a tough choice for those of us who might choose to leave.

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