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Pubs near Mancunicon

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In the unlikely event that you’re at Mancunicon but want to get away from the Con and visit some of the local Manchester hostelries, here is a list prepared by a friend in CAMRA.

This list will also work if you’re arriving at the con early or staying late, so the con real ale bar isn’t open.

Near to the Con Hotel Briton’s Protection 50 Great Bridgewater St M1 5LE Traditional Boozer on the CamRA National Inventory http://whatpub.com/pubs/TRA/3223/britons-protection-hotel-manchester
Cask 29 Liverpool Rd M3 4NQ Quality Ale https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cask/154795084548913
Knott Bar 374 Deansgate M3 4LY #Nom, Quality Real Ale & Food http://knottbar.co.uk/
The Wharf 6 Slate Wharf M15 4ST #Nom, Quality Real Ale & Food http://www.brunningandprice.co.uk/thewharf/
Peveril of the Peak 127 Great Bridgwater St M1 5JQ Traditional Boozer on the CamRA National Inventory http://whatpub.com/pubs/TRA/3586/peveril-of-the-peak-manchester
Rain Bar 80 Great Bridgwater St M1 5JG The only J.W.Lees Pub in Mancheser http://www.rain-bar.co.uk/
also with great Architecture City Arms 46-48 Kennedy St M2 4BQ Traditional Boozer on the CamRA National Inventory http://whatpub.com/pubs/TRA/3280/city-arms-manchester
Mr Thomas’ Chop House 52 Cross St M2 7AR #Nom!, CamRA National Inventory http://tomschophouse.com/
Old Wellington 4 Cathedral Gates M3 1SW Moved after IRA bombing http://www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/restaurants/northwest/theoldwellingtonmanchester
for Local Breweries Ape & Apple 28-30 John Dalton Street M2 6HQ A Holts pub, traditional boozer http://www.joseph-holt.com/pubs/view/ape-and-apple
Castle Hotel 66 Oldham Street M4 1LE A Robinsons pub, often bands in the back room http://thecastlehotel.info/
Grey Horse 80 Portland Street M1 4QX A Hydes pub, traditional boozer http://whatpub.com/pubs/MAS/4242/grey-horse-inn-manchester
Marble Arch 73 Rochdale Road M4 4HY #Nom, Marble brewery tap,  CamRA National Inventory Pub http://www.marblebeers.com/marble-arch/
Micro Bar Arndale Centre Market M4 2HU Boggart brewery tap, a stall in the Arndale market http://boggart-brewery.co.uk/boggart-beer-outlets/
Old Monkey 90 Portland Street M1 4GX A Holts pub, traditional boozer http://www.joseph-holt.com/pubs/view/old-monkey
Smithfield Hotel 37 Swan Street M4 5JZ Blackjack brewery tap http://www.the-smithfield-hotel.co.uk/
Concentrating on Quality Real Ales Angel 6 Angel St M4 4BR #Nom, Quality Real Ale & Food http://theangelmanchester.com/
Bar Fringe 8 Swan St M4 5JN Spot the Rats & the Motorbike… http://whatpub.com/pubs/MAN/9651/bar-fringe-manchester-city-centre
Crescent 18-21 The Crescent M5 4PF Ales & Pub Grub https://www.facebook.com/thecrescentpubsalford/
Crown & Kettle 2 Oldham Road M4 5FE Look at the ceiling… https://www.facebook.com/TheCrownandKettle/
New Oxford 11 Bexley Square M3 6DB Good for beer ticking http://thenewoxford.com/
Salford Arms 146 Chapel St M3 6AF Vegan Night on Tuesdays http://www.salfordarmshotel.co.uk/
Quality Real Ales with Craft Beer Too Font 7-9 New Wakefield St M1 5NP Quality Real & Craft Ales, club in the basement https://thefontbar.wordpress.com/manchester/
Joshua Brooks 106 Princess St M1 6NG Quality Real & Craft Ales, club in the basement http://www.joshuabrooks.co.uk/
Piccadilly Tap Station Approach M1 32GH Quality Real & Craft Ales http://piccadillytap.com/
Port Street Beer House 39-41 Port St M1 2EQ Quality Real & Craft Ales http://www.portstreetbeerhouse.co.uk/
Sandbar 120 Grosvenor Street M1 7HL Quality Real & Craft Ales http://www.sandbarmanchester.co.uk/
Café BeerMoth 40 Spring Gardens M2 1DA Quality Real & Craft Ales http://beermoth.co.uk/
also good for food, #Nom! Molly House 26 Richmond St M1 3NB #Nom!, 100 yds from the Alan Turing Memorial in Sackville Park http://www.themollyhouse.com/
Oast House Spinningfields, Hardman St M3 3AY #Nom! http://theoasthouse.uk.com/
Sam’s Chop House Back Pool Fold M2 1HN #Nom! http://samschophouse.com/
Soup Kitchen 31-33 Spear Street M1 1DF More ales in the basement bar http://soup-kitchen.co.uk/
Tib St. Tavern 74 Tib St M4 1LG #Nom!

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