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BSFA Award Long Listed Story Available Here!

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I woke to the news (thanks Nicholas!) that my story Long Way Gone, published in the Jan/Feb issue of Analog last year, is on the BSFA Award long list. Since Analog isn’t particularly easy to get in the UK, and since the issue came out some time ago, I’ve decided to put the story up on these web pages so that anybody interested in voting for it, or anyone who hasn’t managed to see it, can read it for free.

It’s available here.

The story has had an interesting mix of reviews, from the unexpectedly good (‘Clements gives a unique take on the old concept of choosing your own destiny and non-conformity that would make Ralph Waldo Emerson proud.’, thanks to Amazing Stories) to the oddness of an anonymous reviewer on Amazon stating that ‘I do not read stories about insane people’). It also elicited my first ever piece of fan email.

So – please read the story, and vote for the BSFA Award shortlist if you’re a member.

And thanks to those whose initial longlist votes helped this story get onto the longlist!

ETA: This story is one of 17 (I think – I’ve lost count!) that will be in Disturbed Universes, my first short story collection, to be published by NewCon Press at Easter 2016 during the UK National SF Convention, Mancunicon.


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Astronomy, science, science fiction

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