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Latest story – first review


Spotted this while doing an ego scan for reviews on my latest story in Analog.

“An Industrial Growth” by David L. Clements. -+- Forty years ago, North America was devastated by out-of-control nanotechnology that had been meant to fix things. Since then, nanoblooms have broken out to cause further devastation. Peter has called Mary to help him fight the latest one aided by untrustworthy allies. But they find out the situation has changed, making this a good story”

It’s from SFRevu.com.

Very glad that they like it!



Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

2 thoughts on “Latest story – first review

  1. Well done. I know as writers we’re supposed to ignore our reviews, but they are so very heartening when good ones come in, or even when we get an appreciative fan letter.

  2. My last Analog story, out a year ago, got a great fan email from a writer you’d recognise. That was a great boost!

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