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Somebody Will

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One of my stand out moments at this year’s WorldCon in Spokane – forever renamed Smokeane thanks to the forest fires – was hearing this song at a small room party, sung by it’s composer, Ada Palmer, accompanied by Patrick Nielsen-Hayden. That performance wasn’t recorded, but I’m grateful to Caroline Mullen for linking to this video of it being performed by Sassafras.


Those of us working in astrophysics and space research often feel unloved and underappreciated. This song says ‘we got your back’ more eloquently and beautifully than I would have thought possible. Thanks to Ada and Patrick who performed it at the room party, to Jo for inviting me to it and Caroline for pointing me to this performance.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

One thought on “Somebody Will

  1. Here’s another version of it on the Sassafrass page http://www.sassafrassmusic.com/songs/sci-fi-fantasy-fandom/somebody-will/ and https://sassafrass.bandcamp.com/album/friend-in-the-dark at this link you hear and can buy the song on Bandcamp. And that’s very much the version you heard in our party at Sasquan, Ada and Lauren with Patrick on guitar.

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