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Science for Fiction: Day 1 with added haiku!

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Day one of this year’s Science for Fiction is over.

It was fun! Among other things, my colleague Roberto Trotta ran a ‘choose your own talk adventure’ using dice with haiku (or near haiku) composition as a penalty for a bad die roll. This produced some interesting poetry, including the work below. I won’t list the authors, but will admit to the last being me.

Oh spinning galaxy
why is your speed
so darkly constant?

Dark matter I don’t
understand much at all
explain if you can.

In the Universe
dark matter heading my way
I must be a wimp.

Dark matter protons
wimps on rolling of the dice
who can roll a six?

I was hoping to
roll a six but never mind
talk about the stars

The night sky is so bright
why is this matter so dark
and haikus so hard?

Dark matter matters
wimps aether or
quantum gravity is math.

Gravity constant
through curves despite the distance
Roman ships help us.

I’m born
the universe abides
I think and die
knowing nothing.

Missing dark matter
Pioneer anomalies
All lost in the heat.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

One thought on “Science for Fiction: Day 1 with added haiku!

  1. Whew. I checked mine and at least I had the right number of syllables.

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