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David L Clements, science and science fiction

Science for Fiction 2015


We are doing it again!

The Imperial College & Science Fiction Foundation workshop for writers to meet and talk to scientists is back for another year.

The dates are 1-2 July, starting after lunch on the 1st and running all day on the 2nd.

Costs are not yet finalised, but likely to be about £30 to cover catering. Some financial support is available via the Science Fiction Foundation. Overnight accommodation, if you need it, would be extra.

Details of subjects to be covered are still being sorted out – and will in part be determined by what writers are after – but it will certainly include astronomy, physics and some biology.

If you are interested drop me an email at d dot clements at imperial dot ac dot uk. Please include any specific requests for subjects to be covered, and if you have any dietary restrictions that would affect what we order for lunch and tea.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

3 thoughts on “Science for Fiction 2015

  1. Ah – would love to, but will only get back from Archipleacon the day before so will prob be impractical.

  2. You could just come for the second day…

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