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Infrared Astronomy book submitted!


Those paying attention will know that I’ve spent quite a lot of my time over the last ~9 months writing a popular book on infrared astronomy.

Yesterday I submitted the book!

The FTP upload of the MS and all associated source materials was pretty big – you get that when using some of the lovely images form Herschel and Hubble as illustrations – and took about an hour to upload. The printing of the hardcopy manuscript was a little more interesting as my printer was running out of toner. It stopped at one point, saying it was out of black toner. I’d ordered some new cartridges and was pleased to find they’d come in. But this didn’t include the black cartridge!

So I resorted to the old fashioned technique of shaking the toner cartridge, in the hope that some was left behind.

I had to do this twice, but it worked and the manuscript is now winging its way to my publisher. 

So – now it’s done, and I can think about spending time on other things!


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

4 thoughts on “Infrared Astronomy book submitted!

  1. Out of curiosity Dave, who are the publishers. I’ve just submitted manuscript to Springer, and like you the FTP upload of all the image files was time consuming but went smoothly. And I’ve already started on my second and third manuscripts, so I guess it’s a process with which I’ll become increasingly familiar.

  2. My publishers are Taylor Frances who are responsible for the CRC Press.

    So my book is being published by the Chemical Rubber Company 🙂

    Good luck with your books!

  3. Chemical Rubber? There has to be a joke there somewhere!

  4. Wow. Huge project. Well done.

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