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Writing News: Paradox – the Fermi Paradox Anthology

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A few days ago I got news that I’ve had a short story accepted for the Paradox anthology, a new collection of SF stories being published by NewCon Press at the London Worldcon, 14-18 August this summer.

The editor, Ian Whates, put the final table of contents up on his blog today. I’m awed by the list of stellar writers who are contributing, and amazed that I’m sharing the Table of Contents with such luminaries. The full list is:

1. Introduction
2. Catching Rays  – Dave Clements
3. The Big Next – Pat Cadigan
4. Baedecker’s Fermi – Adam Roberts
5. Zeta Reticuli – Paul Cornell
6. The Ambulance Chaser – Tricia Sullivan
7. Lost to Their Own Devices – Adrian Tchaikovsky
8. In the Beginning – Gerry Webb
9. The Trail of the Creator, the Trial of Creation – Paul di Filippo
10. Stella by Starlight – Mike Resnick & Robert T Jeschoenek
11. Fermi’s Doubts – George Zebrowski
12. Audiovisionary – Stephanie Saulter
13. Aether – Robert Reed
14. The End of the World – Keith Brooke & Eric Brown
15. The Worldmaker – Rachel Armstrong
16. Atonement, Under the Blue-White Sun – Mercurio D Rivera

and more can be read about the anthology on Ian’s blog.

I’ll add more details of the book, and how to order it, when they’re available.


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One thought on “Writing News: Paradox – the Fermi Paradox Anthology

  1. How Cool pal! Is that you also on the ‘One Weird Idea” cover also? Reminded me of ‘One Wacky Idea’ you had in 1988 that set a bunch of MEPs into a hot sweat. I was also reminded of you lately as I say a ‘Big Bang Theory’ episode that referred to the ill-fated security staff in red shirts on Star Trek and it reminded me of a piece that was published whilst we were at Imperial which had the guy in the red shirt begging to wear any other colour because they always got killed. Didn’t you write that piece as well? Anyhow I thought as with much of that series that it echoed our time at college suspiciously strongly. You aren’t a ghostwriter on that also in your spare time are you?

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