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Stinking Fish Time Again

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Once again my funding council wants me to enter details of ‘impacts’ their funded research has through a system called ResearchFish, and once again the inadequacies and time wasting nature of this thing become instantly evident.

For publications, it doesn’t use the standard astronomy paper repository so, if you want an accurate reflection of your publications, you have to do it by hand.

For outreach events, the specifications are so proscribed that it is impossible to describe major events like the Royal Society Summer Exhibition.

If you go to a lot of conferences they want details, right down to conference website, for every one.

This is taking the metrics fixated culture of ‘research management’ too far, so far, in fact, that anyone trying to fill this thing accurately would not have time to do any research.

The people behind it have built a system that is guaranteed to fail in its aims of measuring the ‘impact’ of research, not that I think such a thing is measurable anyway, at least not on the year to year timescales our #expletivedeleted# political masters wish.

This stinking pile of aquatic intestines can go screw itself.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

One thought on “Stinking Fish Time Again

  1. ## This stinking pile of aquatic intestines can go screw itself.

    #Is that anything like a ‘load of fetid dingos kidneys’?

    I think it may be a bit more rancid.

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