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What is physics like? This Must be Paradise


It’s the start of a new academic year here at Imperial, so this is a good time to share this video, made by our Artist in residence Geraldine Cox, of five final year female UGs from the physics department here. One of the comments that’s not in the film is that they thought their time being physics UGs at Imperial was the best time in their lives.

I hope our new class of undergraduates feels the same at the end of their course.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

2 thoughts on “What is physics like? This Must be Paradise

  1. And I would love to see it, but as per blooming usual, it insists on playing in the browser via SWF. If the artist wants to maximise the number of people who see this, slightly less boscured access to the raw video would be most useful. I’d love to share it with my sisters (which ,as davecl knows, are also both IC graduates), but can’t.

  2. boscured -> obscured; “which ,” -> “who, “; also, I’ve found a tool to let me get the raw video, so I’m sorted.

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