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Waking Up

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Yes, it has been a bit quiet around here of late. Summer holidays happened, with a nice long weekend spent at the Moseley Folk Festival, and then ten days working on our friends’ ‘croft’ on the lovely Isle of Skye.

But all good things come to an end, and term starts in a bit less than a week, so it’s time to wake up.

Things that have happened in physics of late that are of interest include a new way to calculate particle interactions in particle physics that use a geometric object dubbed the amplituhedron. If correct it will be massive.

I’ve also got a rather interesting paper close to acceptance by the journal. More news on that when it’s done.

There will also be news on an exciting new writing project for me very soon, I hope!

And just to get things started interestingly for the new academic year, I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed today. I’m still at that stage where the surgery has been done but the local anaesthetic has yet to wear off. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t get too painful.

I’m off to a Planck meeting tomorrow, so the dental surgery will make things rather interesting, though maybe not more painful, knowing how these meetings tend to go.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

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