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WordPress, the DMCA and Straight Pride UK

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In a worrying development, WordPress, the hosts of this blog, have caved in to a DMCA takedown notice served by Straight Pride UK for the removal of a press release they sent to a UK blogger. The writer and SPUK are both UK based, the only reason that the vile DMCA could be used was because WordPress is a US company.

More details about the action, and about SPUK’s vile support for homophobic laws in Russia and Africa, can be found at The Guardian.

This blog is hosted by WordPress at the moment. I used to host my own WordPress blog, but that died as a result of too much spam and not enough time or expertise for me to maintain it properly. If they continue to cave to censorious bigots then I may have to review that situation.

And in other news, I’d like to introduce Straight Pride UK to the Streisand Effect. Your little attempt to hide your hate filled views is coming right back at you.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

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