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Writing news & Nine Worlds!


Looking back over old posts, I see that I have not mentioned the Novel Rewrite for a while. It is still going on, and I’m into the last quarter and thus the tying off of plot threads and building to a climax. During the course of the rewrite I’ve added several new plot threads, changed a goodie into a baddie, and other similar things. The effects of these changes all echo down the lines and, like the cracking of a whip, have their largest effect at the end.

Which makes the rewrites I’m doing at the moment a bit more interesting, but also more complex, than some of the earlier work. Thinking my way through the necessary changes is not easy but I’m beginning to see my way through. In fact I’ve had some ideas during writing these paragraphs.

Meanwhile, it looks as if a sekrit non-fiction project might be moving forward. No concrete news yet, but something might be firmed up in the next couple of weeks. This is both exciting and rather terrifying.

And in other news, I will be at the Nine Worlds London Geekfest this coming weekend! I’m giving some talks on Herschel and Infrared astronomy, and will be on a panel about science and science fiction. I should also have some Herschel freebies to give away. Readers of this blog will get special treatment 🙂


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Astronomy, science, science fiction

2 thoughts on “Writing news & Nine Worlds!

  1. Belated *waves*

    Great talk BTW. Colliding galaxies in the early universe trailing dusty filaments across the void. Biggest sense of scale I’ve felt in a while.

  2. That’s the day job 🙂

    Glad you liked the talk!

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