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Ian Anderson: Thick as a Brick

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The Sunday after the end of term there was a special show on at the Albert Hall: Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull playing Thick as a Brick at the Royal Albert Hall. I’ve been a fan of Tull’s special brand of folk/prog/rock since my days at college, and have seen them live on a number of occasions, most recently at the Moseley Folk Festival a couple of years ago. But I’ve never heard the concept album Thick as a Brick played live in its entirety before. In fact nobody has since about 1973 when Tull were touring with it. How could I not go!

It was a stunning night. Anderson’s voice isn’t what it was – he has trouble with the high notes – but he got along a couple of additional singers to help – indeed this fitted the subject of TaaB very well, with the newcomers playing some of the younger roles, and allowing Anderson to play more of the flute parts than would be possible if he had to sing instead. And Anderson’s flute playing has, if anything, become even more virtuoso!

The evening was rounded off with a stunning encore version of Locomotive Breath, which left everyone in the hall standing. Definitely a night to remember!



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One thought on “Ian Anderson: Thick as a Brick

  1. I got tickets for this show as a birthday present for my dad, he’s also a big fan šŸ™‚ From your review, I’d say that was a good idea!

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