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10 types of scientist

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According to an article by the Science Council there are ten types of scientist:

  1. Explorer
  2. Investigator
  3. Developer/Translational
  4. Service provider/operational
  5. Monitor/regulator
  6. Entrepreneur
  7. Communicator
  8. Teacher
  9. Business/Marketing
  10. Policy maker

Which are you?

I suspect, like many supposedly proscriptive classifications, like Myers-Briggs*, that every scientist is a mix of these. I could certainly tick aspects of 1, 2, 7 and 8. Indeed, the way universities work, we all have to have some elements of 8, the Teacher Scientist, to be able to keep our jobs.

* I reliably come out as INTJ. You have been warned.




Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

One thought on “10 types of scientist

  1. I prefer the definitions here: http://www.xeromag.com/fun/personality.html

    “INTJs are confident in their skills and knowledge, self-assured, and imaginitive; their exceptional problem-solving skills make them ideal architects, auto mechanics, and tools of the evil empire. While it requires the driving will to conquer of an ENTJ to imagine the Death Star and the evil genius of an ENTP to invent its devastating weapons systems, the skill and technical prowess of the INTJ is what makes the whole thing work.”

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