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Writing Update

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I haven’t blogged here about writing recently, partly because I’ve been it rather than wanting to write about it. The novel rewrites continue, and I’m in the middle of redrafting a couple of early chapters to make life harder, but much more interesting, for one of my central characters. This will hopefully also twist the two viewpoint characters together earlier in the book, but that’s for a later stage of editing.

So I have bravely deleted (or transferred into the ‘deleted sections’ part of my Scrivener file) something like 14000 words. Over the last week or so I’ve now managed to write about 4000 by way of replacement. This evening I had the interesting experience of the viewpoint character deciding I was going to write something different from what I had planned and telling me that the chapter was going to end here, not several scenes later as I had planned.

That doesn’t happen often. Not sure if it’s a good sign.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

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