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Planck: The clock is ticking

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I’ve been rather silent here of late since I’ve been fighting both jet lag and a nasty cold, and I’ve been beavering away to get the slides and lecture notes finished for a course I start teaching next week.

First drafts of both are now done, so the pressure is reduced somewhat, and I’m awake enough this evening to do a short post.

But the big news… The clock is counting down to the date when the Planck cosmology results and data products are released!

It’s a few weeks away, but the date is set. I’m not actually sure I’m allowed to say when the date is going to be, but it is soon. So all of you eagerly awaiting the latest news in cosmology don’t have that much longer to hold your breath.

This post brought to you by a gratuitous attempt to push up my hit rate.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

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