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Memetic Epidemiology Explodes


Back in November I wrote a post about the spread of words, ideas or, in this case, a joke through multiply connected networks. I rather lightheartedly titled the post ‘Memetic Epidemiology’. It’s been a fairly active post on this blog, with a few readers a week since it was posted, and I was quite amused to find that the post was number four or five on the Google search results for the term ‘memetic epidemiology’.

Today there has been an explosion of activity on that post, with 24 hits and counting. All of these seem to come from the US, and a good few are arriving from a google search for the term.

I’m quite curious as to what has caused it. My hypothesis is that someone, somewhere has set memetic epidemiology as a homework task for some students, and they’ve all gone running to Google for help, and have arrived here. If that’s the case, and one of the students is reading this, do say hello in the comments!

If not, then I’m quite puzzled as to what’s going on. Any explanation in the comments would be much appreciated.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

2 thoughts on “Memetic Epidemiology Explodes

  1. The phrase was used in an episode of the Big Bang Theory (Series 4 Episode 20 – The Herb Garden Germination) and has gone viral?

    Sheldon Cooper: “I’m no stranger to memetic epidemiology. At Johnson Elementary School the phrase ‘Shelly Cooper is a smelly pooper’ spread like wildfire.”
    Amy Farrah Fowler: “I should think so. That’s /gold/.”

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