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United: Coda

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A coda to yesterday’s (the day before’s? with the traveling it’s hard to tell) post on my travel woes.

I am now where I’m meant to be, arriving 24 hours late. I was rerouted via Dulles to LAX and then put up in a hotel there to await my Hilo flight 24 hours after the one I was booked on.

That all went well and kudos to United for sorting it out efficiently.

There were a few hiccups though.

On deplaning in LAX we were not advised to see an agent at the United service desk to sort out the hotel bookings. As it was, I asked a flight attendant what to do. I got the the service desk just before it closed, so that was lucky.

The other problem was luggage. My suitcase cleared customs in DC and then went onto the transfer conveyor. But it wasn’t there on the belt in LAX. The ground staff investigated and said the suitcase was still in DC and would arrive at 11:30 am the next day, not leaving a great deal of time to reach me before Hotel checkout time. They also gave me a phone number to call in the morning to confirm arrangements, and a care package of toiletries.

In the morning I called, and found out that my bag had been in LAX all night, awaiting transfer to my Hilo flight. Quite how the ground crew lot this wrong is unclear, but this doomed me to rewearing yesterday’s clothes – yick.

I wasn’t convinced that the bag would travel with me until at Hilo, when it was the first one off the plane.

So things mostly worked, although information propagation to passengers and crew can still be a problem. United gets a B for handling this, so a reasonable catch.

The maintenance issue on the 777 from LHR, which was the cause of the whole thing, however, should not have happened in the first place. That plane, especially if it was the same one that interrupted my Chicago trip, should be taken quietly to Davis-Montham and put to sleep.


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