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Oh no not again: United


Drafted on the plane, uploaded from the ground

Back in August, as I was flying to the Chicago Worldcon with United and the plane had to turn around and head back to London because of a technical issue. We were told that an altimeter had broken and so the plane was not permitted to cross the Atlantic.

Today I’m with United again, and once more we are having to turn back. We almost got the Iceland this time. The issue today is variously described as a health issue and as a problem with a door seal that has caused reduced pressure and thus low pressure effects causing sickness in the forward cabin. I’m told that they had to evacuate the First Class cabin into business class.

We are currently dumping fuel between Scotland and Iceland so our weight is low enough for safe landing.

I am, in theory, heading to Hawaii for an observing run. It’s near certain I won’t get to Hilo today, so I’ll miss at least one day of the run. Whether it’s still worthwhile to go is unclear.

The plane was nicely empty. I guess anything I get put on as a replacement won’t be.

Given that this is the second time this has happened to me with United from LHR, I am beginning to get a little concerned with their maintenance practices.




Author: davecl

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2 thoughts on “Oh no not again: United

  1. I try not to fly United because their attitude towards musicians is dreadful. See ‘Unted Breaks Guitars’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo. They also do a mean line in smashing hurdy-gurdys, but some might say that’s a public service.

    • Yes – I remember seeing that when it went viral. Way to get payback 🙂

      I’ve been with United since Pan Am died, and have a ludicrous number of miles with them so get at least some perks (though they are eroding those at the moment).

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