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JaNoReWriMo becomes FebNoReWriMo…

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I managed to read my novel in progress from to finish, just like a real book, in January, and made copious notes. But work is work, observing trips and meetings and telescope deadlines wait for nobody. In my defence, I am writing new lecture notes for the course I’m giving, and that is amounting to something like a textbook on its own (75 pages and counting so far).

This evening I got back to the novel at last, and put finger to keyboard to start making some of the necessary changes.

Some of it works, a lot of it doesn’t quite work, and the middle is a bit flabby. I think I know how to correct a lot of it, but it’s all more work that needs to be done.

And now I have a novella back from my crit group also needing attention.

What do they say – work, family, life – if you write pick two?

At least I’m going to Hawaii next week…


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

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