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EBEX observations end

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The EBEX balloon CMB experiment, as discussed in this blog here, has completed its astronomical observations with the exhaustion of cryogens in the instrument. More details are available from the EBEX flight blog, but the end of observations, which came on 9th January, was as expected. I hope everything else has worked as well!

The payload is not back on the ground yet, as it is currently on the opposite side of Antarctica to the base at McMurdo Sound. They have to wait until January 17th for the balloon to finish its orbit of the continent before they can fire the pyrotechnics and bring the payload back down to Earth. After launch, that’s the riskiest stage for the hardware, but even if descent and landing go wrong, as they have done for other astronomical balloons (eg. in 2006 the BLAST telescope was dragged 200km, ended up in a crevasse, and was largely destroyed when the descent parachutes failed to detach after landing) hopefully the data will be safe.

SO keep those fingers crossed for a bit longer!


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

One thought on “EBEX observations end

  1. Data storage is tough these days šŸ˜‰

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