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Reading the stats


WordPress does quite well in recording blog stats. From this I have learnt:

(1) That none of you read this blog on Christmas Day. Good!

(2) People are already sniffing around the internet looking for rumours of Planck results (or should I say rumors, as the search used USian spelling). Bad – anything you hear will likely be nonsense since none of us are talking.


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Astronomy, science, science fiction

10 thoughts on “Reading the stats

  1. I heard Elvis has been spotted in the Planck HFI pol maps. Ssh, don’t tell anyone though – Lord Lucan is in the B-modes.

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  3. Apparently 535 people read my blog on Christmas Day, which proves only one thing – more losers follow me!

  4. Another rumour on which I could not possibly comment, can be found here:


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  6. Can you at least tell us when and where the CMB results will be revealed?

    • The big Planck results conference will be held at ESTEC in Noordwijk in the Netherlands starting 2nd April. It’s going to be Abigail meeting!

      • However, a press conference at ESA HQ in Paris about the CMB results – coinciding, I reckon, with the submission of the respective papers – has been announced today for mid-March. Also the conference invitation says that it is “following Planck’s first major release of data products and scientific papers in early 2013.”

  7. Thanks for the update!

    I didn’t know about this. Whether this says something about how much attention I’ve been paying over the Christmas/New Year break, or how well information gets distributed within the Planck collaboration, I’ll leave as an exercise for the reader.

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