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Press Release Time: Herschel and Keck take census of the invisible Universe

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It’s always good to be able to present your results to the public, and today we have a nice press release to report. I’m a co-author on the paper, but the real heavy lifting was done by my colleague Caitlin Casey who used the 10m Keck telescopes in Hawaii to track down and measure the redshifts of some of the dusty galaxies we’ve found with the Herschel Space Observatory. In so doing we’ve found a range of galaxies going through starbursts, where a large number of new stars are formed in only a short time (on cosmological scales, at least). Some of these galaxies are surprisingly distant, and forming stars at a very high rate.


You can find out more from the ESA Press Release.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

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