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Rocket Science

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I have a new book out!

Launched at Eastercon, the Rocket Science anthology contains both science fiction and science fact. I contributed a piece about the launch of Herschel and Planck, but there is lots of other good stuff here.

The Guardian agrees:

“All the tales are set in the near future, and all are in some way about space and humanity’s relation to it.

“The strength of the collection is that the best of the stories – and the standard is very high – are about the human condition.

“Standouts include Craig Pay’s “Incarnate”, a harrowing account of a mother and father’s response to their cloned daughter’s desire for suicide on Titan; “A Biosphere Ends” by Stephen Palmer, a complex and moving examination of ecological breakdown on a Martian colony; and Deborah Walker’s poignant “Sea of Maternity”, about the conflict between motherhood and scientific ambition on the moon. Superb.”

— Eric Brown, The Guardian

Go out and buy a copy right away!



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Astronomy, science, science fiction

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