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A Year of Words

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This old blog is a bit quiet, so here’s something of a throat clearing and a summary of my writing of the year. I won’t mention the scientific papers I’m a co-author of – thanks to Herschel and Planck they are too many to mention – but the following pieces of fiction and general non-fiction by me appeared this year:

“The Last of the Guerilla Gardeners” in Nature Futures (Jan 20 2011) http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v469/n7330/full/469438a.html

“Foothills of Shackleton” in Cheer Up, Universe, pub. Whortlebury Press, ed. Ahmed Khan (2011)

“His Final Experiment” in One Weird Idea (feature story in first issue), ed. Roscoe Mathieu (2011)

“Inquisition” on lablit.com

“Forgetting to Breathe” in Focus, the writers magazine of the BSFA (this is a reprint of some non-fiction previously published on lablit.com)

Not too shabby a list now it’s all gathered together, and one story already forthcoming in the new year in the ‘Rocket Science’ anthology.

More pro-publications needed, which will be a project for the new year…


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Astronomy, science, science fiction

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