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Just who does my writing think I am?


I decided to put some of my own prose into the ‘Who do you write like’ test machine.

The scientific paper I’m currently working on is claimed to be like Raymond Chandler.

The modern horror/sf/fantasy piece I just submitted to F&SF is apparently like Stephen King.

My most recently submitted piece of hard SF is allegedly like James Joyce!

With the exception of King, which, while not consciously what I was aiming for, is at least in the same department, I don’t really understand the other two, and I’m now rather distracted by the concept of Phillip Marlowe, hardboiled cosmologist working in noir astronomy.


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

2 thoughts on “Just who does my writing think I am?

  1. Just sent you an email message which is apparently written in the style of HP Lovecraft, I find that rather gratifyingly obscure.

    Nice Blog by the way.

    ps: Boo, betcha didn’t think I was here 🙂

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