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Superconductors and Gravity Wave Mirrors

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The arXiv is currently abuzz with discussion of a recent paper concerning the interactions between gravitational waves and superconductors. The suggestion is that the cooper pairs that give superconductors their exceptional properties will interact differently with gravitational waves than conventional particles. This is because cooper pairs are ‘pseudoparticles’ that are de-localized within the superconductor – they have no real location in the system. The end result of this is that superconductors might be able to act as reflectors for gravity waves.

This is all rather speculative and theoretical, and I’m not convinced that the original paper has yet been submitted to a refereed journal or subject to peer review. However, there is a possibility that this effect might already be testable with data already available. The test masses in Gravity Probe B have an outer superconducting film layer so could be gravitational wave reflectors. It turns out that this experiment has been producing anomalous results that are not fully understood. Could this be the first sign of this gravitational wave reflection effect?


Author: davecl

Astronomy, science, science fiction

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